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Herkules overhead cranes

Increased durability and the highest quality of components. Designed to work hard and reliably for many years in any conditions

Taurus overhead cranes

High quality and durability of the equipment designed and fitted with components precisely adjusted to the type of working conditions of overhead cranes.

Vectus overhead cranes

Reputable product, reputable manufacturer. Individual workmanship for the best price on the market - meets the customer's expectations, reliable.

Individual design solutions

The product and its manufacturing process - from concept to start up, including design, manufacturing and assembly - every stage is carried out at one of FUD S.A. reputable plants.

Custom built overhead cranes

Reliable and tested solutions in our company’s key product segment.

Single-girder overhead cranes

Reliable, cost-effective and very efficient equipment for internal transport.

Double-girder overhead cranes

Durable and with the ability to work hard for many years in any industry.

Gantry and semi-gantry overhead cranes

FUD has considerable experience in the production of gantry and semi-gantry cranes. 


FUD offers a wide selection of accessories: lifting slings, hooks, ropes, cabins, beams, rope, electrohydraulic, load engaging means: electromagnetic, pneumatic.

Hoists and winches

The company offers high quality and reliable hoists from FUD's own design and production as well...

Jib and console cranes

Workshop jib cranes are perfect for different work stations, as well as all types of workshop...

Jib cranes

Jib crane production carries on based on many years of experience and cooperation with globally renowned...

Rail systems

FUD company manufactures different types of rail systems: according to FUD design, according to the Client's design, we prepare...

Spare parts

FUD S.A. offers a wide selection of spare parts used for crane equipment:

Steel constructions

FUD S.A. makes steel constructions for the crane industry, as well as fulfilling special orders for...


FUD S.A. offers upgrades on various types of dock cranes and overhead cranes. Upgrades include: resetting operating parameters, improving...

Property development industry

The model of cooperation between our company and the construction industry is very diverse.

Manufacturers of construction materials

We have considerable experience and have many completed equipment projects for our Clients from the construction materials manufacturing industry.

Power engineering, oil and mining industry

Our equipment is a part of numerous investments in power engineering, oil and mining industries in Poland. Our products are ordered by both Polish and international corporations.

General industry

FUD S.A. is a regular supplier of equipment for a number of industrial companies in Poland. Our equipment made in the last 20 years is successfully working in a few...


Our equipment works in many steelworks, in Poland but also in a number of steelworks and metal processing plants abroad. In the last 20 years FUD continued its over 100-years...

Rail and road transport

FUD S.A. executed many projects for rail and road transport companies. The supplied products covered every type of overhead crane, as well as steel construction parts.

Maritime industry

FUD S.A. has considerable experience of cooperation with the maritime, shipyard and harbour industries. In the past, the company produced around 550 different types of large cranes, including floating cranes...

Lucchini Poland

Lucchini specialises in the machining of wheels and axles for rolling stock and installation and regeneration...

FUD overhead cranes at the helicopter manufacturing plant PZL in Świdnik

PZL Świdnik is world-renowned helicopter manufacturer that started its production 60 years ago. Over 7500 helicopters...

Granity Skwara - stone processing company

Granity Skwara is a family company which has specialised in stone and granite slabs processing for...



World Nuclear Exhibition 2023

In exactly 2 weeks, together with Ministerstwo Klimatu i Środowiska, we will host one of the most important events for the global nuclear community World Nuclear Exhibition 2023 in Paris. We invite you to visit stand J-135, where we will present our production and engineering capabilities for...

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The highest welding standards at FUD

We are pleased to announce that the quality of welding processes at the FUD Crane Solutions in Mińsk Mazowiecki has been confirmed by TÜV NORD. We were recertified according to ISO 3834-2 standard proving the quality of welding processes.. We achieved a confirmation that our...

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XVI Mińsk Job and Entrepreneurship Fair

The XVI edition of the Mińsk Job and Entrepreneurship Fair which is organised by Poviat Labor Office in Mińsk Mazowiecki took place on 15th June. Like every year, FUD Crane Solutions took part in this project - due to the continuous development of the company, we...

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Safety week

Mr. Artur Borkowski from the FUD S.A. was awarded as a part of the safety week by the Health and Safety Department of MPD as a person who stands out in terms of safe organization of work for employees. Congratulations! We are very pleased with this...

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Cooperation between FUD Crane Solutions and Kemppi

We invite you to read the article about cooperation between FUD Crane Solutions and Kemppi which is a pioneer in the welding industry: https://www.kemppi.com/en-US/references/fud-crane-solutions/

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Travelling platform with load capacity of Q=40tons

Travelling platform with load capacity of Q=40tons, width of 5.10m and a total length of 22.00m is already working at our Client. The travelling platform was install on a railway foundation with three tracks supporting six tracks spread on 24 m wide.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes FUD S.A.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wishes FUD S.A.

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Steel constructions of the portal jib crane from FUD

The contract completion for one of our main foreign partners is approaching to the end. The preassembly phase was carried out and soon steel constructions of the portal jib crane will leave our production floor.

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ISO 3834-2 Certificate

In reference with dynamic development, FUD Crane Solutions Ltd. enriched for another achievement. Obtained ISO 3834-2 Certificate is an objective proof that our welded constructions meet the requirements of international standards and applicable specifications and regulations.

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FUD Crane Solutions Ltd. supports the extension of the Warsaw Metro being carried out by AGP Metro

In 2009 (http://siskom.waw.pl/kp-metro-2.htm) a consortium of three companies (later known as AGP Metro) won the tender to build the central stage of the Warsaw Metro underground transportation system. An important element of the whole project was the removal from underground of the earth where the...

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FUD SA has unbelievably wide range of manufactured products. Besides those described in former articles, e.g. small cranes, specialist cranes and cranes with high capacity, gantry cranes also leave our factory. Gantry crane consists of girder ( platform ) situated on two or more supports...

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The World Nuclear Energy Exhibition in Paris

The second edition of The World Nuclear Energy Exhibition, which took place from 28th to 30th June in Paris, was also attended by Polish enterprises and research institutes, who have competence, abilities and experience within the scope of projects’ realization for the nuclear industry. Around...

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FUD SA will be present at the World Nuclear Energy Exhibition in Paris

Having accepted the invitation from the Ministry of Energy, FUD SA will appear at the World Nuclear Energy Exhibition. This exhibition will take place in Paris from 28th to 30th of June. During these three days a wide range of meetings and conferences will be...

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The increase in cranes’ production in the first half of 2016

During the first half of 2016 the factory was under strong pressure due to the huge amount of orders for clients waiting for individually made machines. There was a noticeable growth in company’s trade volume and in the engagement in production, including employment both at...

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XIV Job and Entrepreneurship Market

On the 18th of June 2016 the representatives of FUD SA had the chance to show the company on XIV Job and Entrepreneurship Market. The aim of the meeting was to find new employees for technical jobs and to show the company on the city’s...

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‘Small cranes’ (up to 50 tons) at FUD S.A.

FUD SA produces mainly cranes with high lifting capacities and special untypical cranes. From January to May 2016 our factory was also producing ‘small cranes’ – mainly in group of single-girder Hercules and double-girders with lifting capacities up to 50 tons. These were typical cranes...

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Assembly of another cranes with lifting capacity of 250t each

Since 1st to 28th of April, current year, at the Płock new power plant, FUD Crane Solutions LTD Service department assembled two overhead travelling cranes, with lifting capacity 250t each. In the project, team of 4 to 13 employees was involved. The team changed accordingly...

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EOT Cranes with lifting of 250t each, manufactured by FUD and delivered to new power plant in Płock

FUD Crane Solutions LTD recently completed the construction of two overhead travelling cranes with a lifting capacity of 250t each,  for a German investor. The next stage of this contract, was their assembly at the end-customer's site in central Poland.   A total of 12...

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Another 250t cranes produced by FUD Crane Solutions LTD

FUD is in producing anothe cranes with a high load capacity.  Cranes are produced for an international corporation, they are designed for domestic energy industry.  Crane parameters: Double-girder overhead electric crane equipped with service platforms along the girder and on the winch, electro-hydraulic platform, anti-collision...

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Production of cranes in 2015

In 2015 FUD noticed significant growth in manufacturing and sales activities. Production structure was dominated by cranes, mainly in special and indyvidually designed units, realized for famous national and international customers. In addition to individual solutions, our customers had a lot of interest related to...

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Heavy double-girder overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 250 tons installed and running at customer's site

The factory has provided another large double-girder crane designed for the Polish customer. FUD SA It specializes in such devices and is a leader in the crane industry in this class of products. They require an individual approach to engineering design, proper machine park, specialized...

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Regional Representatives FUD SA

We inform our customers about the possibility of contacting us via the Sales Department at the Head Office FUD Crane Solutions LTD, in Minsk Mazowiecki or through Regional Representatives who, acting in a given area in a short time can come to a Customer at...

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Complex supply gantry crane along with the implementation of construction works related to its operation

FUD Crane Solutions LTD performed the task entitled:"Design and construction of the gantry crane and the hardening of land in the vicinity of the crane " for Elektromontaż -Lublin Sp. zoo.Implementation was to deliver the crane and the execution of additional work involving the development...

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FUD Crane Solutions LTD, in the process of Polish industry preparation for the construction of nuclear power plants

In September, FUD Crane Solution LTD was invited to participate in a conference on "Preparing the Polish industry to build nuclear power plants ", organized by the Ministry of Economy, the Institute of Welding and Technical Inspection Authority.The program of the conference included: codes, standards...

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